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Kama`aina Outreach Program

Let Kama`aina Careers take your company information to the Kama`aina on the mainland. Through our Kama`aina Outreach Program, we will display company materials and job listings at mainland college/university and community "Hawaiian" events. These events will include:

  • Luaus
  • Community Hula Festivals and Ho`olauleas
  • College/University and Community Hawaii Club meetings.

There will be 10 or more events per year. See the events listed on our website for a list of the events (www.kamaaina-careers.com/events/index.htm)

Meet with Hawaii Clubs when you are on the Mainland.

Let Kama`aina Careers track down the Hawaii Clubs and groups for you. We have developed a list of Hawaii Clubs on various mainland campuses as well as Hawaiian community groups across the country. If you are traveling to the mainland and would like to connect with clubs of officers, we can assist in coordinating your visits. Targeted schools will be discussed with you and additional campuses or community groups can be suggested.

Services may include by is not limited to:

  • Identifying Hawaii student leaders at targeted mainland schools or community groups
  • Contact with Hawaii Club to set up a meeting
  • Publicising information session at cantralized venues

The fee for the Kama`aina Outreach Program is $5,000 for 12 months of outreach. We will develop an outreach program that meets your needs. There are no additional fees for any candidate hired through this program.

If you are interested in the Kama`aina Outreach Program, complete the Employer Registration Form and select "Kama`aina Outreach Program"