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The Broadening Hawaii Economy
Need for a diverse staff pool with a broad base of experience

The need for appropriately educated junior and middle management professionals is a major challenge facing Hawaii's top employers. These employers are seeking management professionals who have an understanding and balance of the "island life" as well as a "mainland experience."

Hawaii's companies and organizations can profit from the growing number of "local" professionals on the mainland. You are able to offer both the knowledge and traditions of Hawaii and familiarity with mainland business practices.

Hawaii companies are also looking for professionals with stability and longevity. Your family and friends in Hawaii provide you with a support system that adds to your stability and high probability of staying in Hawaii.

Hawaii's companies strive to be key players of business activity within the Pacific Rim. This can only happen by bringing Hawaii's talent back home.

Each year, hundreds of Hawaii's students travel to the top colleges and universities on the mainland. Also, many of Hawaii's talented workers leave the islands to pursue jobs on the mainland.

Many of these students and former residents want to return to Hawaii. However, due to the lack of contact with Hawaii's employers, many of them are discouraged from seriously pursuing a career in Hawaii.