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Advantages of Kama`aina Careers Job Seekers

Jobs seekers in our database offer several advantages. Their understanding of the culture and lifestyle of Hawaii, gives you a better candidate than someone who grew up on the mainland. These job seekers are not just in search of a "Hawaiian Adventure". In addition to this major advantage:

  • They are eager to move to Hawaii. They don't have to be convinced of the advantages of living in Hawaii.
  • They have family and friends in Hawaii. They are less likely to leave your position because of a lack of a social support system in Hawaii.
  • They have a broader based experience than students or others that remained in Hawaii. They have an understanding and balance of "island life" as well as "mainland experience."


Advantages of Kama`aina Careers Services

Kama`aina Careers provides access to a rich talent pool that has been largely inaccessible to Hawaii employers due to distance and expense involved in recruiting them. Our services offer you the following advantages:

  • The high cost of a candidate search on the mainland is reduced.
  • The geographical search is expanded. Being based on the mainland gives us the advantage of meeting with more job seekers on a regular basis.
  • The cost-per-hire is lower than most search firms charge, especially for entry level candidates.
  • The effort to find talented job seekers is reduced considerably.